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TMS - Components

Centrifugal (squirrel cage) low speed high flow to 1600 CFM / 755 l/s and radial blade high speed low flow to 250 CFM airmovers that turn the air direction 90 degrees, from axial to tangential, to develop pressure without the risk of aerodynamic stall. Available with 60 & 400 Hz AC and brushless DC motors.

Electric Heaters

Fan Heaters for use in de-misting, crew rest areas, cargo heating and equipment heating in aircraft as well as fan heaters for use in military vehicles

Fan and Blower Accessories

Finger guards, mounting hardware, terminal covers, and airflow switches.

Fans Engine Cooling
High performance engine cooling fans to meet the requirements of the latest military vehicles.

Fans Large Vaneaxial
Compact axial flow fans up to 13.8" / 350mm diameter, with both rotating impeller and stationary aerodynamic vanes to develop both high flow to 2300 CFM / 1085 l/s and high pressure where space and weight are at a premium. Available with 60, 400, & variable Hz AC and brushless DC motors.

Fans Mixed Flow Vaneaxial
Compact axial flow fans providing high flow to 750 CFM / 350 l/s and high pressure, at relatively low noise levels, with good aerodynamic stall resistance, for civil and military aircraft, rotary and fixed wing.

Fans Propeller
High flow to 1640 CFM / 755 l/s, low pressure axial flow airmovers most suitable for land based electronic cabinet or compartment ventilation. Available with either AC or brushless DC motors.

Fans Small Vaneaxial
Compact axial flow fans 3" or less in diameter, with both rotating impeller and stationary aerodynamic vanes to develop pressure for tightly packed electronic box cooling. Best suited for high speed operation with 400Hz AC or brushless DC motors.

Fans Tubeaxial
Thin profile fans especially suited to electronics cooling with a wide range of airflow to 500 CFM / 235 l/s, at generally low pressure unless driven at high motor speeds. Available with 60 & 400 Hz AC and brushless DC motors.

Fault Detection Devices
Low Speed Warning Devices, stand-alone or built-in, that monitor the output of built-in fan speed sensors and provide early warning fault signals of various types, at pre-selected lower than normal speed conditions, as another level of thermal protection.

Heat Exchangers Airframe

Heater Fans/Heaters

Hydraulic and Direct Drive Fans
AMETEK Airscrew's range of mechanically driven fans for cooling systems in aerospace applications.

Motors and Generators AC, DC
Motors and Generators designed for the harsh environments and demanding requirements for Military Vehicles and Aerospace Applications

Racks Avionics Cooling & Coldplates


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